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I'm coming to you now from Ubuntu 9.10.

Some convergence of means, motive, and opportunity has finally made me ready to--well, not murder, but at least kidnap and subdue, Windows.

My main motive is Vista. What a pile of poo, and $100 to "upgrade" to Windows 7? Yeah, no.

Secondary motive: most of what I like and need to do with my computer--notably cloud computing via Google's Tentacular and All-Seeing Omnipresence--is finally available in some Linux flavor. I'm writing this post in Chrome for Linux. luzula tells me there's Audacity for Linux too--I'm installing it right now.

The opportunity: cold, rainy Sunday afternoon.

So here I am at last, subverting the dominant paradigm the way I've wanted to do for YEARS but have never quite had the MMO for. I'm dual-booting for now, but I have no real expectation of going back to Windows, and I imagine I'll soon do a clean and complete install.

So far Ubuntu seems fast, straightforward, lean and fully functional. There's nothing real strange here. It found my wireless network. I can hear sounds. Youtube videos play. There's a photo editor. Bluetooth driver works. It can sync with my phone. It does most of what I need.

I have a feeling that this is going to work out just fine.

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Jan. 25th, 2010 02:58 pm (UTC)

This is encouraging! A co-worker (kindly) persuaded me (for reasons similar to your own) to buy a simple laptop installed with Linux a couple of years ago. Then he (unkindly) moved away. I'm stuck. I use it occasionally, but only when my old desktop comes up with a problem; and always with huge difficulty. Manuals I've gotten hold of don't do much for me (certainly I haven't been persistent enough). I've essentially tucked the laptop away, regretfully but pragmatically, at least for the time being, and gone back to relying on familiar old XP; but as lyrstzha wrote, That can't last forever. (Why do you have to live way across the country rather than next door? :)
Jan. 25th, 2010 07:17 pm (UTC)
I imagine the advice was very well-intentioned. Linux can save a lot of money, partly because it's free itself, and partly because there are versions of it that will run--and continue running and being supported--on machines that would otherwise become obsolete. Linux, in effect, makes your hardware last longer.

I'm finding that the Linux world is still much geekier than the more commercial worlds of Mac and Windows. There's a TON of free advice and free software out there, but it's not in mainstream language. I'm sure that there are solutions to whatever doesn't work right about your Linux laptop, but it's probably also true that you'll want to recruit a Linux-knowledgeable person to help you out.



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