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A huge public thank you to executrix, who found me the perfect holiday gift, then made it better by adding something beautiful that she created with her own hands.

I can't believe it! I got home tonight to find an odd flat package on my doorstep. Peered at the return address label and recognized the RL name of executrix and, utterly mystified, I opened it to find...

...this fantastic poster, which is not only thematically apt (bicycles! wine! French-style poster art!), but a perfect fit in my living room color scheme!:

From Executrix

It makes me smile just to look at it, so I made it into an icon. A Bikon!

And below it, there under my helmet, a lovely and warm hand-crocheted shawl that will look great piled around my neck while I'm riding in the cold.

I have no clue what I did to deserve this bounty, but it's absolutely fantastic and I'm overwhelmed. Thank you, executrix! Happy holidays!


Dec. 23rd, 2009 10:04 am (UTC)
Here's a Little Story 'Bout Steak and Diane
Throw in a radish and it's a bikon with daikon! Possibly snapped with a Nikon!

I was very abashed about sending needlework to someone who can create textile art the way *you* can, but I have a lovely cookbook called "Waiting for Dessert" (by the Village Voice's one-time food columnist, "Vladimir Estragon.") He said that just before his Ph.D. orals, his wife and kids were out of town, and his next=door neighbor thought the poor guy was going to starve to death, so she knocked on the door to invite him to dinner. He said, sorry, I can't come to the door right now, I'm flambeeing the Steak Diane, so she slunk away. He said that he would have *loved* having meat loaf with his friends.

So I'm just offering tribute to someone whose posts are not only always a joy to read stylistically, but give me so much to think about in terms of Right Livelihood.

Dec. 23rd, 2009 07:07 pm (UTC)
Re: Here's a Little Story 'Bout Steak and Diane
What a great story. I wonder how many times in my own life I've missed having meatloaf with friends because I was (or gave the impression of being) too Steak Diane-ish.

Thank you again. I'm enjoying both gifts very much.

And, um...Bikon, Daikon, Nikon? Hee! \o/



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