DarkEmeralds (emeraldsedai) wrote,

Storing Clyde

The average bicycle footprint, for transportation planning purposes in American cities, is 24x48x72--that is, two feet across the handlebars, four feet high and six feet from front to back.

Clyde measures six inches wider than average, two inches higher than average, and a whopping six foot seven inches (more than one Padalecki!) in length.

Though it goes against the principles of feng shui that I worked so hard to instill in my house with Project Empty, the only place I can fit Clyde safely is in the corner of my bedroom. So, in the corner of my bedroom Clyde lives, as of 15 minutes ago. As avventura1234 says, "It looks very Portland."

I got a used pannier today from my niece. I like it much better than a backpack so far--cooler (as in less back-sweat), for one thing. More accessible, for another. So that's an item checked off the list.

I overcame a couple of other cycling thought-barriers, too: First, I rode on four errands this morning without knowing whether there would be bike racks at the destinations, and took my chances. Ha! This is Portland! Three of four places had racks; one offered a sign pole. And second, I had an hour-long pedicure while Clyde was locked on a busy boulevard, out of view of the salon, and I hardly worried at all. (Also? Post-pedicure cycling in flip-flops. Wasn't sure that would work but it was okay.)

I'm not gearing way down as much as I had to at first, which means my legs and lungs are getting stronger.

Oh! And I got a helmet-suitable haircut today! How's that for commitment?
Tags: cycling, riding clyde
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