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Oh Show

Supernatural has had some beautiful design and direction over the seasons, but I don't know when I've seen a frame I liked quite as well as this one from 5.01.

Sam is very, very low!

owzers and I were dissecting the episode tonight and there's this blip, at the point where Sam and Dean are about to be overwhelmed and probably killed by the breaking of the last seal. Sam looks over his shoulder to where Lucifer is rising:



Blip. (I stared till I was crosseyed but I didn't see any hidden 3D picture.) There's a break in reality.

Then they're on the, um, "soul plane". As in dead? Limbo? Between lives? And the Devil says to [Yosemite] Sam, "I could use a guy like you."

And then the rest of the story unfolds. Well, owzers had a fascinating theory about it, and I think I concur: this whole ep is Sam's guilt-wracked hallucination as he is being taken over by Lucifer.

But more screencaps of symbolism.

Sam goes where he wasn't supposed to go. Witness the Do Not Enter sign:

He descends, past a very Ruby2-looking woman, towards a level twice as low as "Ruby".

In the very sleazy motel, he is lower than Dean. This motif recurs throughout the ep.

When Dean comes down to his level, he gives this very Sam-like gesture, and look! There are two Sams--real and reflected.

And a bit later, when Bobby arrives in the Impala (with new plates), there's this shot:

which has nothing to do with anything except guh.


Sep. 12th, 2009 09:01 pm (UTC)
well fuck. sammy hallucinating all this would explain the very obvious difference in coloring and even, the overall framing - and of course, seeing himself as less/lower than dean.

that blip thing, i totally did not even notice.

i don't know how i'd feel about it if sammy's really possessed already and basically, everything is a hallucination.

maybe the blip is more the indication of god intervening - a blank spot while he rewinds a little and puts them on the plane a few seconds before lucifer arrives.

also, i just read a spoiler for ep 5 and it sounds very interesting.

on the one screencap, where you say sammy's going somewhere he's not supposed to. the do not enter sign actually makes complete sense there. he's *leaving* the elevated train station, and here in chicago, at least, you cannot enter through the exit and there are many "do not enter" signs at the exits.

Sep. 13th, 2009 12:13 am (UTC)
Ah! So it's not just "do not enter," but "you can't go back again."

I really like to think of these decisions as deliberate, you know? How they frame the shot, where they shoot, the lens that makes that staircase look as flat as a ladder to the sky.

I can't believe you read a spoiler! Eeeeee! *covers ears*



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