December 7th, 2018



I'm still watching Supernatural. Season 14. The little show that could.

Show has had its ups and downs, and the fandom--which seems to have expanded rather than contracted over the years--is almost as nutty as ever. But I still like the boys.

I long since stopped being a focused enough fan to get involved in ship wars or fanwank.

I have no expectations of any canon Destiel. I'm perfectly happy with the expansion of the universe to include Apocalypse World hunters (including doubles of our old friends), the return of Mary, the British Men of Letters (though their ultimate banishment from our shores was satisfying), and Jack. I loved the return of Chuck. The musical episode brought a tear to my eye. I thought the episode from the POV of the Impala was brilliant...

...and I really liked Byzantium last night. So no death is ever permanent on Supernatural and we knew Jack wasn't gonna stay dead, and of course someone made some crappy deal with a supernatural creature to bring Jack back. Okay by me: Family and bad deals. As they say, that's it. That's the show.

The reunion of Jack with Kelly Kline was lovely and the mourning/drinking/nougat scene was just solid gold. This is no country for old men, and the boys are getting there, and the end is surely in sight. I'm just enjoying it until that ending comes.

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