DarkEmeralds (emeraldsedai) wrote,

Google is watching

I've just started using gmail as my regular email address.

Call me naive, but I'm dismayed to discover that it reads your email and advertises to you according to what you communicate about. I mentioned Rebecca Fine, Wallace Wattles, and "The Science of Getting Rich" in passing in an email to roseambr and here's what the sidebar looked like when I next looked:

Make $18,000 in One Day?
Act Fast Be The First In Your Area Automated + Residuals + No Selling.

What Law of Attraction?
How does it Really work? Learn the truth, avoid pitfalls

Free Think and Grow Rich
Audio Book plus Additional Personal Development Bonuses

...and so on.

So I sent this to myself at another address:

Subject: Loneliness
Text: I'm so happy to know you've found someone. I wish I could get a date! I'd like to meet a nice man, someone who likes the same kinds of things I do, and settle down. I've heard that online dating can be effective, but you're honestly the only person I know who has had success with it. Let me know what dating service you were using and how it all works.

Here's what my sidebar looks like now:

Signs He Likes You
Don’t Go Here Unless You’re Serious About Understanding Men!

Free Teen Dating Site
Browse Profiles and Make Your Own. Find a Local Hottie. Totally Free!

Public Relations Mgmt.
Double Your PR Productivity with PR Software From Vocus. Free Demo!

That's just creepy.
Tags: geekery, google, privacy
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