DarkEmeralds (emeraldsedai) wrote,

Fire signs

After a whole day of stomping out fires at work, trying to meet a hot deadline, I'm getting a little late dinner onto a plate and anticipating a quiet, if short, evening.

My phone rings. It's my sis, avventura1234, who's had a call from some neighbors. They're out on the road. They've left their oven on, with a loaf of bread inside, and could my sis run over and turn it off?

Well, she's stuck at work, so she calls me. I put my dinner down and walk over to the neighbors' house. My niece and nephew are already there, and nobody can find the spare key, and avventura1234 is conveying messages from the neighbors during pauses in her busy work.

No smoke, no burning smell, and no way to get into the house, so we're about to wander off back to my dinner when my niece sees a fire--at a different house, three doors down. Flames erupting in a window box and licking up the porch post, ready to rock. We go flying over there, catch another neighbor, reel out a garden hose, and put it out.

Then my phone rings, and it's my sister again, this time with clear instructions on finding neighbor number one's spare key. We dash back and let ourselves in. The oven is on high, the loaf of bread is black and smokin', and we save the day AGAIN!


How much do we rule?
Tags: fire, neighborhood
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