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I started vision training today using the the Bates Method. It teaches you to use your eyes naturally, so you can stop depending on lenses.

We stare a lot in modern life--at the TV, at the computer screen, at a problem, at the middle distance, at the worries in our heads. All of this staring forces our eyes into a flat, broad plane of focus that they aren't good at. The eye's natural condition is to be moving, focusing on a rapid succession of single points. That's what clear vision is.

So one of the eye exercises in the Bates method is to get the eyes moving, like they're supposed to, by observing motion wherever it occurs in the world around you.

After my class, I walked out into the neighborhood. Leaves were quivering in the breeze, and cars went past, and people were out walking. Lots of motion to observe.

But then something shifted. I noticed that everything around me was moving. That house, that street sign, that parked car, all moved along in the opposite direction to me as I walked. Everything's in motion relative to everything else! I was, like, Einstein! Discovering relativity for myself! My whole brain changed gears. My eyes became clear as my mind became clear. I could read the fine print.

It's hours later now, and as I look--but do not stare--at my computer screen, I'm seeing the text with greater clarity than I've had for ages.

I'm very excited.
Tags: vision training
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