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Fresh roots




Puh. puh. puh.

These are the sounds I'm making when I'm not talking like a gal who's been drinkin' too much whisky in a saloon with swinging half-doors. This nasty-ass cold is at that "I think I'm gonna sneeze...no...no...no...damn!" stage where then you sneeze later when you're not ready to sneeze anymore. And I can't taste anything, so I have no appetite.

Apart from that, life is fine. The sun's shining, I"ve got stuff to do at work, my house is pretty tidy, and I've quit using shampoo.

There are a number of reasons to make the "No 'Poo" choice: health concerns about standard toiletry ingredients sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate; frugality issues, a desire to experience naturally-clean rather than stripped-and-replenished hair.

There's a pretty good article about the No 'Poo choice, including the low-cost, low-impact alternative, here.

Me, I'm doing it because it just seems to be in line with everything else I've been doing, moving away from corporate-controlled consumerism, saving money, eliminating packaging, simplifying my personal routine, not going into those regular stores anymore...

I'm on my fourth shampooless day, and I can attest that my hair looks shiny, smells fresh, and feels pretty bouncy and manageable.

*checks one more thing off the cluttered-life list.*
Tags: frugality, no poo, project empty
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