DarkEmeralds (emeraldsedai) wrote,

Hot Fuzz

My whole life these days, not counting work (and who counts that?), seems to be de-cluttering and Netflix.

Well, Netflix just sent me Hot Fuzz, and I'm in love.

What with one thing and another, I managed to know absolutely nothing about this movie before I watched it, except a vague notion that I might have seen a trailer at some point last year. I stuck it in my Netflix queue for some reason.

Now that I've watched it (twice. And a third time with commentary, and all the deleted scenes and the gag reel), I've decided that it's the newest member of my Favorite Movies list, it's hilarious, it's well-written, and Simon Pegg is strangely hot.

It has decapitation ("Decaffeinated??"), evil racist bigotry, quite ridiculous quantities of blood, immoderate violence, a Japanese peace lily, a swan, crossword puzzles, a fridge magnate, gun-totin' grannies, pretty flowers, and the lines, "This is murder!" "It's not! It's ketchup!"

More ridiculous puns, sight gags, cop-action movie references and smarmy Timothy Dalton than you can shake a bloody Gothic spire at. And the homoerotic buddy comedy is so over the top that you have to just sit back and admire it.

It's one of those well-written comedies where every little meaningless thing comes back around and influences the plot later. It's a ridiculously silly shoot-em-up that's actually designed to be watched twice.

Or three times.
Tags: movies
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