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In the "Oh my fucking god" department


I just posted about some of the effects of clutter, according to feng shui. Then I puttered around, starting my final weekend load of laundry and putting away a few things I'd left out after clearing Area 2.10a, Bedroom, Little Shelf Next To Closet.

This was when I discovered one of the truly--I mean, really, truly--unexpected benefits of clearing.

Out of somewhere on that Little Shelf dropped a wad of bills. Currency. Money. Rolled up as if it had been stored inside...I dunno...maybe one of the lint-roller refills I gave away today? No idea. There it was, on the floor in front of my dresser.

Five hundred dollars.


I racked my brain. I think I might have a dim memory of someone repaying a debt in cash at some point a couple of years ago, when things were financially a bit better for me...maybe? No idea.


Also? I found my passport.


Go! Everyone! Clean your house! Seriously. It's amazing.



Jan. 28th, 2008 09:02 pm (UTC)
I am split between being amazed and shrugging my shoulders and thinking, of course, I knew it would show up some day! I actually do recall someone repaying a debt to you a few years ago. I seem to recall something about feeling nervous about the cash being in the house. This is such a grand success story I am all goose bumped! So, the debris collection is really starting to unravel, isn't it? It looks like you are being rewarded for the efforts too! yep, repaid for the passport debacle as well as providing cash for more cool storage options like those fabulous shelves and lights!

If in-deed the cash was stored in those little sticky tubes and those were passed to me after our NAET session, I have to see it as a sign from the universe that all is beginning to fall into place. The adipose tissue being cleared out with the clutter. Old lost images being returned to you... that passport photo that was actually good! If I remember right you lost that before heading off to England the Fall before our walking trip. So, there is some other symbolism going on with the "find" too. Sure seems to be saying you are back on track though! WooHoo! Money literally from home!
Jan. 28th, 2008 09:18 pm (UTC)
that passport photo that was actually good! If I remember right you lost that before heading off to England.... So, there is some other symbolism going on....

THAT was what was nagging at my mind. Thank you! You've nailed it. God, no wonder I had trouble sleeping last night. Seeing that passport sitting there was a bit like the gunshot victim hearing a car backfire. Brought it all back.



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