DarkEmeralds (emeraldsedai) wrote,

Major progress

::Flops exhaustedly to couch::

Over the last couple of weekends, I've made two trips to Home Depot, three visits to the corner hardware store, three jaunts to IKEA; I've used up 40 hollow-wall anchors, a Ryobi battery pack, a Philips screwdriver bit, and a quart each of drywall mud, primer, and paint; and I've required several ibuprofen tablets...

Area 1.2, Living Room TV Corner, started out here:

then took this detour:

but finally today arrived at its destination:

Meanwhile, Areas 3.1.a, b, and c, Kitchen Hardware Shelves and The Floor Underneath 'Em, which started out here:

are also completely finished, with help today from avventura1234:

Holy shit, that was a lot of work! That's FOURTEEN areas done now. Fifty-two more to go.

I'm going to bed.
Tags: project empty, project empty kitchen, project empty living room
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