DarkEmeralds (emeraldsedai) wrote,

The Qi Is a Harsh Mistress

I've got a double sink in my kitchen. Under it is a cabinet designated, for Project Empty purposes, Area 3.2b: Kitchen, Under Sink Cabinet, Main.

Area 3.2b is the third most toxic area in Project Empty, after the mudroom and the Shelves Where Home Depot Ate My Paycheck, and I wasn't planning on tackling it anytime soon. But Project Empty seems to be developing its own personality. The Qi of the house, as it were, has been awakened by my efforts so far and is taking charge.

Last weekend, the drainpipe under the right-hand sink failed. After mopping up a bit, I plugged the drain, filled the sink with towels, and draped WET PAINT yellow tape across it so that I wouldn't accidentally use it. In the interests of finishing my living room shelves, I was prepared to live with just the left-hand sink for as long as necessary.

Well, this morning I poured a massive bowl of water down the left-hand sink, and damned if that drainpipe didn't pop open as well. Massive bowl of water right into the under-sink cabinet, now rapidly moving into the Number One place on the Most Toxic Area list as, in addition to housing a lot of chemicals in rusting cans, the whole thing was getting distinctly moldy.

So, with no choice left, I got the parts I needed at the hardware store this morning and fixed the damn drains. Which meant completely emptying the cabinet.

A heater and a fan are running under there now, hopefully mitigating some of the mildew. A large bag of soggy cardboard boxes, beyond-redemption moldering dish towels, refills for mops that no longer exist, polish for things I don't own, empty spray bottles, and miscellaneous other crap, has left the house.

The Qi seems happier now.

In other Project Empty news, I'm halfway through putting up my custom-lighted shelves in the re-plastered living room corner. And tomorrow's a holiday! I expect to make the Qi happier still before the long weekend is over.

ETA: Okay. This is freaking me out. I wrote all of the above while taking a break from shelf installation to recharge my drill. The moment I typed "I expect to make the qi happier still," there was a crash from the kitchen. The case the drill lives in had fallen, and all the little drill bits had spilled out onto the kitchen floor.

This Qi is a harsh mistress. I don't dare linger. Back to work.
Tags: project empty, project empty kitchen, project empty living room
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