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The thing about IKEA

The thing about IKEA is that you go there to look at kitchen cabinets and go, "Oooh, cabinet! $39!" and somehow when they ring you up for everything you need in order to actually install two of them, like doors and stuff, it's $345 and you're too embarrassed to say, "Whoops, I was in fantasyland."

So I ponied up. It's all part of Project Empty, my new hobby.

avventura1234 helped steady my nerves getting through IKEA--honestly, is there a portkey to a graveyard in the middle of that store?--and load the heavy flat-packs into my car. Now they're lined up in my kitchen, and as soon as I finish drinking this restorative pot of tea I'm going to flex my Allen wrenches and start assembling the thing.

Here's the Before picture that this cabinet purchase is intended to make an After picture out of. Note: this represents Project Empty, Area 3.1. It's in my kitchen.

Of the three worst junkpiles in my house, this one is the easiest to clear because almost none of it has sentimental value, and most of it belongs at the Metro hazardous waste disposal center. All I need are trash bags, rubber gloves, and a dust mask.

The stuff that's left after I clear this heap will still have to live in the kitchen. That's where the IKEA cabinet, with its suprisingly pricey doors of tool-and-hardware concealment, comes in.

Oh, and for the tally of Project Empty completed areas (and I can't emphasize enough how important it's been to slice this project very, very thinly):
  • 7.1 Outdoor areas: Front porch
  • 2.8 Bedroom nightstand a: top surface
  • 2.8 Bedroom nightstand b: drawer
Only 63 more to go.


Jan. 7th, 2008 03:16 am (UTC)
The more I tackle this project, the more I realize how...psychological...clutter is. Clearing it is so much more than just housekeeping. It's really kind of an adventure in, ummm, "self-actualization." You should pardon the lame term.

The thing that takes me back to IKEA time and again is that inherent respect they have for living in small spaces. I love the little "375 square foot house" vignettes. They make my house look big.

Edited at 2008-01-07 06:30 am (UTC)



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