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Christmas trees

It doesn't feel like Christmas. My family and I have agreed to limit gift-giving, so I've had almost no exposure to holiday retail--though I did brave Trader Joe's this morning for some cookie ingredients. In my new job, a disparate team of employees and consultants banded together just a few weeks ago for a one-year project, and nobody has had the time or the familiarity for an office party.

There's no space in my living room for a Christmas tree. I have lights up around my porch already, all year long. And the weather is just gray and rainy. And besides, I've been arm-wrestling with demons for possession of my soul fighting depression for a while, and the whole Christmas thing has seemed a bit...extraneous.

But lo! (I can say "lo" because it's Christmas Eve) there are signs of victory. I went to the nearly-deserted Portland Nursery yesterday with my sis and bought trees!

I haven't had the slightest interest in my garden for well over a year, and if you'd asked me in the last few months, I'd've said, "Screw it. Tear it out and put in lawn and barkdust," so this urge to buy trees seemed like a return to the land of the living-on-earth.

And what's more, today I planted them. I got out there between rain showers in my grubby clothes and bandanna and the ugliest shoes ever to attract spiders in a shed over long periods of disuse, and I played in the mud.

I planted a persimmon and an apricot. Tall sticks, the both of them, but with little bud nodules all up and down their twigs, and the promise of round orange fruits some summer--this coming one, or the one after.

Afterwards, with compost and bark dust layered around, and the mud sprayed off my shovel, and the buckets put away and the plant tags saved (Prunus armeniaca, Diospyros kaki), I came in and threw my muddy clothes into the washer. I love that part. I showered, had a cup of tea, and then set about baking cookies.

To all my LJ friends, the joy of the season and a wish for peace and tranquility in the new year.
Tags: christmas, gardening
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