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Various and Sunday

Multiple forms of satisfaction have rendered my weekend fabulous.

I just finished listening to What Technology Wants, and I might be prepared to put it into the category of "best non-fiction I've ever read". I'm going to re-listen to it, and will undoubtedly begin to see flaws in Kevin Kelly's sweeping notions (so sweeping that he even mentions fanfic, which I cannot but adore him for), but even if they're there, the book consolidates and articulates Great Big Ideas that I've been intuiting and struggling with for most of my life, and I love it to pieces.

On a somewhat lower order of intellectual satisfaction, I used the "My Tracks" app on my new phone today. GPS is cool enough, but the part that is making me giggle like a maniac is this:

Here's my whole route:

And here's what you see if you zoom in to that little blip in the upper left:
Track detail

Ha ha ha. It shows me exactly going in, getting pot roast and tamari, then going to the checkout, then remembering that I forgot onions, carrots, and potatoes, and going all the way to the produce section, then back to the checkout.

That should creep me out, but it delights me ridiculously. Perhaps it's an artifact of living alone, or of getting older: I don't often feel that I'm seen, and if the Technium knows that I'm at Whole Foods on 15th and Fremont dithering from the meat counter to the produce section, well, the Technium is welcome to watch, I guess.

(Also, I could turn the GPS off.)

On an aesthetic and creative level of satisfaction, I spent a wonderful afternoon in the glass studio of roseambr yesterday, experimenting with colors and layouts for the set of glass dinner plates she's going to help me make.

Here's her work-bench. She is approximately as religious as I am, which is to say not at all, but she's making a stained glass window for a local church, and it's lovely, complete with dove, sun, Jesus and lambs. You see part of one panel of what will be ten feet of window, as well as a couple of her own glass plates:

RoseAmbr's Glass Studio

And here are some of the bits of glass I'm zeroing in on as the basis for my set of square dinner plates:
Plate Glass 1

Plate glass 2

Glass and autofocus don't go together:
Glass bokeh

I'm leaning towards some kind of Fibonacci rectangle type pattern, I think.

In gustatory satisfaction, I had a delicious breakfast with my mom today at a local gay-owned restaurant where the whole staff was Halloweened up, several large men in tributes to Carol Burnett's famous "Scarlet O'Hara" sketch where she makes new clothes from the curtains, including the curtain rods. And our waitperson was Underdog. Underdog! \o/

It's amazing, really, how a full and busy weekend seems longer and more restful than a quiet boring one, huh?

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